Shaver Lake Vacation Rental
Address: 40864 Village Pass Lane, Shaver Lake, CA 93664
Phone #: (805) 674-1661

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far is the cabin to the lake?
The Vacation Rental Cabin, Sunrise Chalet, is just 4.5 miles to the lake where the Water Sports Rentals is located and is only 15 miles to the Sierra Marina out near the point on the S.E. part of the town.

2. How far is the cabin to town?
Only 1.2 miles to Shaver Lake village.

3. Why are there so few Vacation Rental Cabins with lake front property or views?
They are built on U.S. Forest Service land and are designated as recreational, meaning they cannot be used as a primary residence. Each cabin owner pays the USFS an annual "special use permit" fee for the use of the land on which the cabin is built.

The rate changes over time as do the regulations governing the use of the land. A few of the cabins have snow removed all winter, while most are accessible only by snowmobile.

4. What is the climate like at Shaver Lake?
Average temperatures:

Summer high: 84 winter high: 50

Summer low: 60 winter low: 30

Average precipitation: 32"

Average snowfall: 12 feet with 1 - 3 feet on the ground at any time

Prevailing winds: Northwest

Typical first freeze: October 30

Typical last freeze: May 1

5. Are there other lakes in the area?
Shaver Lake is the central hub to Huntington Lake, Florence Lake, Lake Edison, Dinkey Creek, Courtright Reservoir, and Wishon Reservoir, as well as the Kaiser Wilderness, Ansel Adams Wilderness, John Muir Wilderness, and Dinkey Lakes Wilderness. For more information on lakes, see activities.

6. How big is Shaver Lake?
Shaver Lake lies at an elevation of 5,370 feet. The lake was formed on Stevenson Creek with the construction of Shaver Dam built by Southern California Edison and completed in 1927. Shaver contains about 2,100 surface acres of water and is surrounded by 15 miles of granite covered shoreline. It is about the same size as Lake Arrowhead.

7. What happens if the power goes out at the Cabin for a long period of time?
Not to worry, this winter Sunrise Chalet Cabin is installing a backup generator with enough power to provide electricity for the whole cabin. Most property management companies would make you stay without the power or would only refund your money if you purchased travel insurance. I have experienced what it is like to travel to our Vacation Rental Cabin only to find out the storms had knocked down the power lines and Southern Edison can't find the problem with all the snow. The last thing you want to do is to have to head home! At my Vacation Rental Cabin - you will need to call my maintenance contractor and he will flip a switch and you will have power.

8. Does Sunrise Chalet Cabin have air conditioning?
No - It has an exhaust cooling fan upstairs and will quickly cool the house down. The cabin rarely gets hot and Shaver Lake cools down a lot in the evening with mountain temperatures so the exhaust cooling fan will circulate the cool air outside throughout the house.

9. Does Sunrise Chalet Vacation Rental Cabin have a hot tub?
No. The concern with maintaining a hot tub is keeping the chemical levels correct to ensure proper sanitation and the harsh winters make it an easy target for freezing pipes.

10. Does Sunrise Chalet Vacation Rental Cabin have a crock pot, waffle maker and coffee maker?
Yes - the crock pot is a 7 quart which is large enough for the ski days when you want to come home to a dinner almost ready. The waffle iron is ready to go once you get your batter done and the coffee maker and grinder are just waiting for you to bring the coffee! The kitchen is fully stocked for cooking. Check out my list of "what to bring" on the Reservation page.

11. Do we need to bring blankets or heating blankets?
No. The cabin has blankets and most beds either have a heating blanket or heating mattress cover.

12. Why is the cleaning fee more in the winter than the summer?
Why do you charge different rates for winter and summer and off season? The cleaning fee at Sunrise Chalet is paid directly to my housekeeper and maintenance contractor. During the winter, snow has to be removed off the sidewalk and deck and the house tends to get much dirtier due to the snow and mud being tracked inside. It is also very difficult to schedule all the cleaning in a timely manner with the storms impacting travel. All of this results in more time which means a little higher price. The fee for renting Sunrise Chalet Cabin in the winter is a little higher than the summer because the cost of utilities specifically propane is very high. The cabin also takes on a little more wear and tear during the winter months. The off season is discounted because the utilities are usually much lower and the cabin is not rented as often. These months are a great month to come and visit! See special offers.

13. Why is there a $500 security deposit?
This deposit is used to reserve the dates and then to ensure the property is not damaged. 99% of the time, the full security deposit is returned to the guests. Once in a while an accident happens and a guest is much more motivated to let me know about the problem so they can just pay for the repair and not lose their deposit. The deposit also stops guests from taking DVD's or other things from the cabin that make it such a special place to visit. Everyone wants to rent a Cabin that is kept up and has all the extra's and the security deposit helps to keep Sunrise Chalet Cabin the place we all want to return to when visiting Shaver Lake.
40864 Village Pass Lane, Shaver lake, CA 93664

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