Shaver Lake Vacation Rental
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Shaver Lake Camping

Shaver Lake Camping

Camping at Shaver Lake or a Vacation Rental Cabin at Shaver Lake? Trying to make a decision? Well here are some things to consider: Camping is always fun but if you have a couple of families you should really consider the option of a Shaver Lake Vacation Rental such as Sunrise Chalet.

For example, the cost per camp site is around $40 with all kinds of additional costs for boats, additional people, pets etc. You also do not have the luxury of cooking in a deluxe kitchen with all the utensils. This means extra packing for that long trip. What about showers and sleeping on the ground if you are tent camping? Think about the cost of having 3 families renting Sunrise Chalet Vacation Rental for one night compared to the cost of one night camping for 3 families.

The price for a site is $35 and if you have a boat there is an additional cost of $30 and let's just say $10 for extra people. You have now spent $145 camping per night compared to the $100 each family would spend renting Sunrise Chalet Vacation Rental. Even the campgrounds require a deposit so you really are not getting away from those extra dollars. Camping at Shaver Lake can be a wonderful family experience but don't forget you have to plan months before especially during the summer months and you are in the mountains so you never know about the weather so why not consider that vacation the family will always remember at Sunrise Chalet Vacation Rental in Shaver Lake. You will have room for your boat, everyone sleeps in a comfortable bed, you have a kitchen fully stocked, a propane BBQ grill, a game room for the kids, two flat screen televisions, WIFI connection for internet and did I mention 4 bathrooms with showers! Is it really that hard of a decision between camping or a little comfort? Just call and make your reservation today at 805-674-1661 and get ready to enjoy a wonderful time at Sunrise Chalet Vacation Rental!
40864 Village Pass Lane, Shaver lake, CA 93664

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