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Spring Is Here!

Are you done with your spring cleaning job and have nothing left on your task list? Have you been wondering what to do next? Then what could be better then a Spring Ski trip! You deserve to treat yourself in this wonderful weather and nothing could be ideal then a Ski Holiday in March. You … Continue reading »

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Ski Holidays in March

Some More SNOW!! Have you been waiting to plan a ski vacation but it has been a winter of no rain or storms?  Finally, the snow is here with a foot of new snow at China Peak on Monday and more to come on Wednesday and Sunday. Skiing in March really is a great choice! … Continue reading »

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Smile, lie back, and wait for the snow to come, because it will come, and it’ll be awesome. The blizzard of 2012 is expected by the end of this week. Forecast for Shaver Lake this weekend is calling for 3 inches of snow on Friday, 3 inches of snow on Saturday, a break on Sunday, … Continue reading »

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Ski Some More!

Snow Tubing at China Peak Ski Resort!! Even though the snow level is low, China Peak has done an amazing job of covering the mountain and adding Snow Tubing runs. This is so much fun and you really get some good speed. Don’t delay in booking your winter ski trip for the next couple of … Continue reading »

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The Love Of a Family is Life’s Greatest Blessing

Indeed, the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing. The only way to thank for this blessing is to rejoice your life with your family! Spare some time from your busy lives to spend it with your dear ones and create memories that you can cherish for ever. Family time is a great place … Continue reading »

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What Are Your Plans For First Weekend Of 2012!

At last first weekend of 2012! So, what are you doing this weekend to treat yourself? How about a striking vacation? After all you do deserve to have fun and enjoy your first weekend of 2012 at its most. The snow season is on its peak and it is probably the best time for you … Continue reading »

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Surprise By Shaver Lake For You this Fall

It has been a clear holiday season with little snow but very cold temperatures. China Peak Ski Resort has been making snow so do not let that discourage you from coming to Shaver Lake for your winter break vacation. January and February are already booking up so do not delay and remember some of the … Continue reading »

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Where Will You be On This New Year’s eve?

With Christmas already scratched off the calendar there are only a few days left for 2012 to come. Surely a house party with close friends and family is a perfect idea and quite traditional as well. So, why not put a little climax and think something out of the box this year like picking up … Continue reading »

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Time to Pack Bags!

Happy Merry Christmas People!! “It won’t be long now! Old Saint Nick has his sled all polished and ready to go, Rudolph and the rest of the herd are getting anxious and putting their game faces on, and kids young and old across the world are eagerly waiting for Christmas morning to see what Santa … Continue reading »

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Don’t Delay For Your Holiday Break

“Christmas, Christmas time is near Time for toys and time for cheer We’ve been good, but we can’t last Hurry Christmas, hurry fast Want a plane that loops the loop Me, I want a hula hoop We can hardly stand the wait Please Christmas, don’t be late.” Winter months are here and it is time … Continue reading »

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