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27 Days to Christmas! It’s Time To Plan Holiday Vacations

Posted by on November 29, 2011

Only 27 days to go for Christmas! It’s the best time to get a grip on your holiday plans now, before the December rush begins. The snow season has started with early snow at Shaver Lake so there couldn’t be a better time to plan for ski Vacation these winter holidays!

Christmas Holiday Vacation

Sunrise Chalet cabin [pdf] welcomes Skiers and snowboarders to enjoy distinctly snowy weather in front of log fire at a luxurious location as well as oceans of snow for skiing, snowboarding and snowball fights.

Enjoy this weather of celebration on mountain tops with the sounds of jingling bells and echoing laughter enthralling the atmosphere. The fun does not end here! Now you can get a wonderful accommodation for friends and family within your budget. Our Shaver Lake vacation rental or Sunrise Chalet Cabin as we like to call it offers all amenities of personal home as well as luxuries of hotels within the dictates of your pocket.

The best part is that there is always enough space for every family member in here, so you don’t have to count any one out of your family or friends group while coming to Shaver Lake. More over the fully equipped kitchen allows you to prepare festival feast without any trouble (this also cut extra bucks spent at restaurants, making the vacation most economical for you!).

With basic necessities (including: dishware, cookware, bedding, towels, laundry facilities and more!) our vacation rental also have all indoor/outdoor gaming and entertainment facilities!

Hurry Up! Make your Christmas Special with Shaver Lake Vacation Rental Christmas Discount! Wishing you a wonderful vacation with lots of happy times and Merry Christmas in Advance!

4 Responses to 27 Days to Christmas! It’s Time To Plan Holiday Vacations

  1. Indu

    Unfortunately I have been getting reaesvl calls for Christmas and the prices to me are reasonable in certain areas, but many people don’t think so. It really depends on your definition of reasonable really.Christmas travel is HUGE and this is something you should have tried to look into 6 months ago to ensure better rates. It is all based on availability and of course depending on the destination things are pretty picked over at this point.Someone had mentioned cheap in the Caribbean . Holiday travel is never cheap, just again matter of what you consider a good price. All Inclusive resorts are only for the Caribbean and Mexico. There are none in the US. The only thing that Disney would have if you stayed on-site is a meal plan which is expensive yes, but worth it considering the cost once you get there you do save money.I could try and help you, but I would need more information in order to do so. Feel free to email me and I can try to then ask a few questions and do my best to find what you are not only wanting to stay around budget wise and location wise =)

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